The Gods Have Won! Another year

Today is January 6th
So what?

For those who follow the Christian calendar, it’s Epiphany-the day the Wise Men showed up to give their gifts to the baby Jesus.
It’s the day that Germans exchange gifts.
It’s also the day in Norse mythology when you find out if the gods won the battle between themselves and darkness. How do you know if they won? If the sun rose today where you live, the gods won and the world gets another year.

I wonder what we will do with it.

If you’d like to know more about this Norse mythology stuff I recommend:
American Gods and Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman
The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul by Douglas Adams

If you don’t feel like reading you can always check out the Thor movie that came out last summer. It’s on DVD and On Demand.

Enjoy your new start!


I apologize to all those that have been coming here looking for an update on my Nanowrimo status. Things were going so well, but I should have known that the old pattern would have reared its ugly head.

So I got stuck, then last Friday, I learned of a possible publishing opportunity, but it would have to be due on December 1st. So after much debate and deliberation with a couple of people I switched projects. Which means I was starting from zero, so the first week totals didn’t count.

The important thing is to not to give up. If Nanowrimo has done me any good, it is that. You don’t stop until Nov. 30th.

So here are the new stats:
Project: The Eligible Miss Fallowfields
A Steampunk Romance

Words written: 8,256
Today I should be at: 16,666
Words left: 41,744

I will not quit, I will not give up.

So now I will answer the questions that Huffington Post asked some other Nanowrimo writers.

One Sentence I Wrote Today:“Leave the gun here Reg. We don’t want to scare anyone, at least not yet.”- Claire to her 6 year-old brother Reg.

Tell us about a character in your book that you’re fond of: I love them all, I think you have to on some level or you can’t write them, even the nasty ones.

Where and when are you doing your writing: Mostly on the computer, but I carry a little notebook in case I’m out and carry around a clipboard around the house when I can’t get to the computer or just need a break from the screen.

What do your family and friends think of your writing: Did you make your word count? Oh man, it’s November again.

Have you had to sacrifice anything in the past week in order to devote yourself to writing: The DVR is the best tool for not letting yourself get distracted during November. If only it could cook a Turkey. Sleep has been sacrificed. Espresso Hot Chocolate is a lifesaver.

Some Thoughts on Once Upon a Time-The Thing You Love Most

BIG NEWS: The show has been picked up for a full season and I believe though I cannot confirm, I read somewhere that it has been picked up for two more. But people have to keep watching, not that I think I could stop.

The writers are keeping up the pace and their transitions are beautiful. It feels like one of the fastest hours of television. There is so much story that nothing and no one seems minor.

I thought that the beginnings of the conflict between Emma and Regina was well done. Not too over the top, at least not yet. I love that Emma isn’t the sort to just lie down and take it. It seems that Regina has had no or little resistance. It will be interesting to see if she tries to handle it more a little more finesse than she did in this episode or if she continues to go after Emma with no hesitation.

Things I liked most: Emma attacking the apple tree, Snow White noticed the clock had moved, Regina’s expression when Dr. Hopper pointed out the clock to her. Nice call back to Disney with the heart in the box, The Mirror becomes the editor of the town paper, The Mirror. Operation Cobra. This episode was full of examples of how good Regina is at manipulation. You can never really tell who’s an ally or an enemy.

It was a nice reminder in Henry’s reaction to what he believed was Emma’s betrayal that he is still just a little boy.

The developing relationship between Emma and Mary Margaret. You can tell that Emma doesn’t want to believe that she is Snow White’s daughter or that Mary Margaret might be her mother. A nice connection for the three with the cinnamon on the hot chocolate.

Not so much: Maleficent unicorn

Questions Answered, Questions Raised:
The Evil Queen got her curse from Rumplestilskin
Regina and Mr. Gold definitely remember The Enchanted Forest
Mr Gold is the only person in Storybrooke who doesn’t answer to Regina
New Questions:
Why was Rumplestilskin in jail?
What does he gain by giving Henry to Regina? If the curse is broken doesn’t his life go back to what it was before?
If Regina knows she is incapable of love, why did she want a baby? Did she name him Henry to punish herself? Does she feel bad about anything she does?
What the hell did Snow White do?

Hopefully we will find out in “Snow Falls”

Things I’d like to see: Rumplestilskin’s backstory.
The Sheriff’s story- I think he is the Huntsman.

Until next week to tide you over I recommend Neil Gaiman’s Snow Glass Apples


So, on day two I went a little over the suggested 1,667 words, but I’m still slightly behind. That’s ok, I can get back on track if I go slightly beyond that goal today.

It shouldn’t be too hard to do since it seems that I’m going to have a nice block of uninterrupted time with everyone at school or work. I’m hoping to get slightly ahead because the weekends tend to be my least productive time, but that’s another post entirely.

I think I know why writers drink. This first week I’m fighting major anxiety attacks whenever I try to write. Knots in the stomach. I’m trying not to stress eat all the leftover Halloween candy in one go. So I write in short bursts, try to hit a number or set a time limit. Then I back away from the computer and pace a little or read for 10 minutes or do something else and then come back to it. I’ve learned I have to do this or I just delete everything and don’t get anywhere. I don’t know exactly where it comes from. I don’t think it’s because I’m trying to write for one specific person on this one. I always try to do that, I work better that way. However, I know this too shall pass once I reach the end of week one.

And so I keep writing one word at a time. Also, I feel lucky that I feel no temptation to turn on the TV today until I have finished my daily word count. I am sick of anything Kardashian, I’ve never understood the appeal of reality TV, and am equally turned off by Herman Cain’s mess. At least the Rick Perry video is amusing.

Lots of things to reward myself with as well once I have hit the mark. DVR episodes of Psych(Love that Guster) and American Horror Story. That is one I have to watch in the daytime. It still baffles me that the team that created Glee came up with something this complex. Go figure. Also found Out of Oz at the library(they hate it when I squeal like that) and Terry Pratchett’s latest Discworld-Snuff. They both have to be back by the 16th. Oh hooray, another deadline.

Too Good to Be True:
Stats: 1,882 words
Goal: 1,719 words today

Well time to stop avoiding and take the plunge.


I promised myself that I would blog about my Nanowrimo experience last year and the monster got away from me.

This year I’m going to do it. This year has already been different than my past experiences with Nanowrimo. This year I feel prepared. Last year I floundered the first week and kept trying different ideas waiting for something to catch, produce enough words that I felt I could continue with it and have the possibility.

This year, I know I can do it. That was something I was never sure of before. I cheated with fanfiction, went through an actual hurricane, not a metaphorical one. I have been sitting on this novel idea since September, I have outlined and written scene breakdowns. I’ve never been more prepared.

Still things get in the way. I usually write in a morning block and an afternoon block. In the morning I produced over a 1,000 words and felt sure that I would meet the goal. Then the power went out for roughly 45 minutes, the kids came home and left 4 dead invaded the computer until it was too late to find the thread again.

Still it’s ok. I can make it up. I know I can.

Too Good to Be True
Goal: 1,666 words a day
Stats: 1,092 words
Days to Go: 28

Some Thoughts on Once Upon a Time-The Pilot

Anyone who has ever read this blog, any of my writing or spent any time talking about books or movies knows that Snow White is the first thing I remember. It was the first story my Mother read to me, the first movie I remember(though the Wizard of Oz made quite the impression as well).

So when ABC announced a new show called Once Upon a Time anchored by the story of Snow White I just had to take a look. I have to say I liked what I saw. Ginnifer Goodwin(Big Love, Beezus and Ramona, Something Borrowed) strikes the perfect note as Snow White/Mary Margret Blanchard.(I am assuming at this point that you are familiar with the premise of the show. If not you can watch it at or Hulu. Ginnifer does a great job of projecting both outer softness and the inner strength of a survivor. Josh Dallas also does a nice job as Prince Charming. However I think the series will rest with Jennifer Morrison(House) who plays Emma Swan and Lana Parilla as the Evil Queen/Mayor Regina Mills. If the two of them don’t pull it off I think the series will sink.

I have great hope for the writing. The creators worked on Lost and they are using some of the same techniques on Once as they flash back and forth between The Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke, Maine. The episode was well paced and transitioned smoothly between fairytale and reality.

Things I liked most from the Pilot: Snow White’s Coffin and how the forest changed when the Prince kissed her. Loved the entire look of the production. The Castle in the Enchanted Forest. Apples everywhere in Reginia’s house in Storybrooke, Emma’s front door in Boston, Granny’s Bed and Breakfast and the little wooden whale. Leroy whistling, “Whistle While You Work.”

Favorite Line: “The Glass Coffin gave me pause.” Snow White’s reply on whether she believed the Prince would find and rescue her.

Things I Didn’t Like: (Nothing’s perfect) All the women’s hair in The Enchanted Forest seemed messy and we know from Disney that all Princesses have magical Perfect Hair. Also I hated the Blue Fairy’s Dress.

I thought all of the fairytale motifs in the show were well done and not big anvils. Curses at weddings and christenings(I’ve never understood why they don’t just elope), orphans, mirrors, apples, books full of knowledge you shouldn’t have, magic wardrobes, loss of a parent.

I enjoyed the nods to Lost and I’m sure I missed a few, but I hope there are not too many and the show is allowed to stand on it’s own. That said, how many did you catch? I saw: Emma’s eye when she wakes in the jail cell, Geronimo Jackson bumper sticker.

And having cut their teeth on Lost this is a show that the writers have loaded with questions. Here are a few I came up with:

Everyone has lost their memory of their true selves. Is that true for Regina and Mr. Gold? If so how are they winners? If they don’t know who they are how can they enjoy everyone else’s misery?

Does Regina know she has Snow White/Mary Margret’s grandson? If she doesn’t love him, why is she keeping Henry.(I know I’m making an assumption, but I’m assuming that Emma stayed because Regina lied about loving Henry. Is he her failsafe if it seems that Emma will win?

If Mr. Gold remembers his prophecy about Emma does that mean he’ll have some sort of power over her because he was given her name?

Is the town just filled with people from fairy tales? If so, is Henry the only one who ages?

How did Henry figure all of this out? Did he overhear something, Is it in the book his teacher/grandma gave him, or did someone tell him and if so, who?

How long will it take before someone besides Henry realizes the clock has moved?

Does Mary Margret volunteer at the hospital because John Doe/Prince Charming is there?

Is Emma now trapped in Storybrooke?

Things I’m looking forward to: All the side stories, like Red Riding Hood, The Sheriff, what kinds of bad things happen if you try to leave?

Think I’m wrong about thing? Are there questions or Lost references I missed? I would love to know what you think.

Next week: My thoughts on “The Things You Love Most”
Emma going after Regina’s apple tree with a chainsaw. Can’t wait!

If you enjoy fairy tale settings with twists check out my e-book, Awakening by Tina Riddle @