First Goal Accomplished

Today I signed up for the Adult Summer Reading Program at the Broward County Library. I have always signed up the younger members of the family, but this year they have decided to include Adults for the first time. Fingers crossed, maybe I’ll win a prize.

I also after much stalling and looking at lots of advice from PaperbackWriter’s and Jennifer Crusie’s blogs I wrote the 50 word synopsis for the Serial Flash fiction contest that this blog was created for. I think this will be a really excellent exercise in word choices and editing. This is a superb opportunity to use such skills. I can’t wait!

Here is the synopsis. I would appreciate some feedback before I submit it to the contest.

Lucy would never have taken the job with the Arkness ‘ if she hadn’t been so desperate to avoid the sweaty handed Mr. Clapham. Once at their remote country home Lucy realizes she is trapped with an evil child, a hostile staff and the past is beginning to repeat itself.



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