Writing Updates

It has been almost a week since I posted here. Never fear though, faithful readers I have been busy.
I finished Maribel’s story which is now titled “Just a Bite”. It is longer than a flash fiction and I am going to try and find a market for it. First though, it needs to be second drafted and cleaned up.

I am thinking of writing a series of stories called My Mother the Queen-all about the daughters of Snow White, etc.

I also finished another 6s story titled Wedding Day. Will be submitting it soon

I wrote a poem titled, “You Have to Sleep Sometime”. I am currently looking for a market

Oh and the all important edit on The Last Governess before it is submitted to Delecration Editing

So, that’s what I’ve been up to.

What to look forward to this week:
Teaser Tuesday
And a poll on what novel I should work on next
Also if anyone has any suggestions on how to find markets for my work or how to set up a beta group, I would love your suggestions.
I find I write best when I have an audience or a reader in mind

Thanks so much and see you tomorrow.


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