Grownup Day

When I am not writing I am busy being a mother and a wife. I don’t write often about those parts of my life because I feel like I shouldn’t do so without those other people’s permission and my husband likes his privacy. But last weekend my son, my youngest, went off to music camp for a week They sound like angels singing. Think Vienna Boys Choir and you’ve got the idea.

So with my eldest busy off doing her own thing, we grownups decided to take a day. So Thursday we had to supply the boys with brownies. 3 batches worth. After dropping off the food we rode around and found a nice parking lot and walked up the street to Aruba’s, It was lovely to sit at the window in the air conditioning and look at the people on the beach while enjoying a drunken monkey and fish and chips. I wish we had had the camera, because we saw a perfect entry for http://www.goths in hot

Then we looked at some lovely 1 million dollar condos that a writer and a teacher could never afford unless I become the next Nora Roberts or we win the lotto, which won’t happen, unless we buy a ticket.

Then we went to Landshark stadium and tried unsuccessfully to exchange tickets my son won for reading this summer(how cool is that) so that we could all sit together in disabled seating(which we did last year) because apparently people in wheelchairs can’t have families, only attendants. Anyhow, then we went off and looked at Apple PC’s because I have a nasty habit of killing my computer every two years and everyone swears that this won’t happen with a mac.

Thus ended our lovely day. We came home to Edgar, who gave me a good talking to and then refused to leave my arms until bedtime.

We are considering having another grownup day when my son has his next camp in October. Until then I will have to figure out how to make a drunken monkey and where to get some fresh calimari to tide me over until then.


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