Freaking Out

Well, it seems that Decleration Editing was not kidding about publishing The Last Governess. I now have to supply an author bio of 100 words or less. Also a picture and links. Also this is the first time I will be dealing with copyediting which I have never done with another professional. Nerve wracking and exciting at the same time.

Not going to think about that right now. Will try to get it all sorted out this weekend and will share here.

Now I am going to admit- I stole the following form from Cherie Priest who is just fabulous. You should check out her books and blog. Will definitely talk more about her on Teaser Tuesday.

PROJECT: MARIBEL- completed the first draft and am now typing which for me always constitutes a second draft

PROJECT: SLEEPING BEAUTY- not Dreamweaver which has already been published here on the blog, but a second piece from another character’s point of view. Know what I want to say, but having a hard time finding the voice.

PROJECT: NO NEED FOR WITCHES-Writing the first draft.

PROJECT: THE LIBRARY-being very distressed about the closing of libraries and the shorting of hours in my county due to budget shortfalls, I thought what can I do. Then I thought what would two of my favorite authors-Ray Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut do. They would write a story. So that is what I am trying to do. Needs a better title though. I should worry about that when the first draft is done.

This may be the next novel I try to write. I am doing research and gathering materials now.

THINGS ACCOMPLISHED IN FICTION: posted chapter 6 of Once: A Zen Fan Fic on the Zach and Kendall board. It may migrate here in a slightly different form.

THINGS ACCOMPLISHED IN REAL LIFE: three slide shows for husband’s tutoring job, kids fed and clothed, made dinner 4 nights this week and at least six loads of laundry.


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