Friday Writing Update

So what did I do this week?

I tried to avoid a nervous breakdown over copy edits for the Last Governess. That has gone back to Decleration and I am now waiting for the final copy before it goes into the e-journal

Wrote Peter Leary and the Hoop Snake, but you already know that.

In Real Life: Did 3 1/2 slide shows for tutoring job. That lead to the short story The Teller. Now I have to figure out what do with it.

Also I slept very badly this week, but that wasn’t so bad because I had a dream that I am working into a short story. Have you ever had a dream about a person from your real life who did something terrible to you in a dream. When you woke up you were extremely angry with that person, even though your rational mind told you that they hadn’t actually done anything to you? That’s where this story comes from. I certainly hope this happens to other people otherwise I may have invented a new form of occasional insanity.

The second story idea came from one of my new favorite syfy shows. Warehouse 13. The thing I love best about the show as I have mentioned before is their constant use of literature in the show. They had an episode about Alice, Sylvia Plath’s typewriter is in the house and last Tuesday’s episode was all about Edgar Allen Poe, well there was more than that, but that was the lit part. The show got me to thinking about an idea for an episode.

Well, with the exception of Zach and Kendall,(because I love the board and the people there) I am trying to get away from Fan fiction since I’m really trying to take a stab at the writing thing. So now when I have an idea like that, I try to take the TV out of it and keep the core idea and turn it into a story. This doesn’t always work, but in this case it just might.
Working Title: Found and looks to be a YA short story, novella or maybe a novel. We’ll see how it goes.
Got a page already and I must say I like the feel of it.

No big plans this weekend except a trip to the bookstore. Will let you know what I come back with.
Now back to work.


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