Two for Teaser Tuesday

I’m sorry I wasn’t here last week, I’ve been having a really hard time getting back into my routine since I was felled by the flu.

I want to say much thanks to Sarah Beth Durst and her novel, Into the Wild for getting me through that most difficult time.

So this week I’m giving you two teasers from the Irish author, John Connolly.

Our library system here has been hit hard by the recession, with hours reduced and no library hours on Sundays, so I haven’t been able to go to the library as often as I would like. I was fortunate enough last week before going to a tedious PTSO meeting to pop into the library. I have a tradition of trying to read something “Halloweeny” during the month of October. With this goal in mind, I picked up John Connolly’s latest, The Gates about a young boy, Samuel Johnson and his dog Boswell stumble upon their neighbors trying to open the Gates of Hell. The book is about what happens when they do. It is also about Particle Physics. I know how do demons and particle physics go together? Check out the book and it will all make sense. Two of the best things about the book were the chapter titles and the footnotes. The Gates very much reminded me of the Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett’s Good Omens.

“VIII- In Which Samuel Learns That Someone Trying to Open the Gates of Hell is Not of Particular Concern to His Mum”

After finishing The Gates I was able to go to the bookstore(they were having a sale on journals and I could not pass that up) and I was able to pick up another book by John Connolly, The Book of Lost Things. This book also features a young boy David who has lost his mother to an illness in the Britain of 1939. He and his mother had shared a love of fairy tales and books. After her death, David begins to have a different relationship with books.

“He had trouble understanding what Dr. Moberly was saying most of the time anyway, partly because the doctor used words that David didn’t understand, but mostly because his voice was now almost entirely drowned out by the dronings of the books on his shelves. The sounds made by the books had become clearer and clearer to David. He understood that Dr. Moberly couldn’t hear them the way he could, otherwise he couldn’t have worked in his office without going mad.”-p. 25, The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly.

There is nothing more exciting to me than finding a new author, especially when it is unexpected. I hope you are as delighted when you read John Connolly as I was.


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