NANOWRIMO-Day 25/Teaser Thursday

Sorry that I have been avoiding the blog, but I am pretty sure I’m not going to hit the mark on Nanowrimo, for a lot of different reasons. So I felt badly for a few days. Then I decided that I really didn’t have anything to feel bad about.

I may not have 50,000 words. but I know now that i have three book length projects. One that could be a series, and two that are linked together and could be part of a series as well. If I could combine all the words I’ve written together, I would make it, but that’s not how the rules work.

Because I was avoiding the blog, I also missed Teaser Tuesday. Since I will be computer free until late Friday/early Saturday, I have decided to share the book that would have been Tuesday’s teaser.

I found this book in the best way. I had to take my son to see The Crucible, so I popped by the library and picked up a book that I had heard nothing about.

“But it had been many years since Mr. Talbot had listened to an opinion voiced by his female relations, and his aunts’ words fluttered past him like moths into darkness.” p. 8, A Proper Education for Girls by Elaine di Rollo. Available online in all the usual places and the Brick and Mortars as well


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