Teaser Tuesday

I bet you all thought that I wasn’t going to make it, but it’s still Tuesday. I had a roller coaster of a day, but that’s the way they all seem these days.

The Victorians created Christmas as we know it, murder mysteries, and gothic fiction. They also had a tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmas time. The most famous Victorian Christmas ghost stories were written by Charles Dickens. He wrote one almost every year, the most famous being, of course, A Christmas Carol. I love to read ghost stories at Christmas.

So I picked up John Harwood’s The Ghost Writer. A modern gothic, in which I hope at some point a ghost appears. It is about a lonely young man who becomes pen pals with a young disabled girl and his mother is hiding a huge secret(someone always has a whopper in these type of books).

“I had never seen the woman in the photograph before, and yet I felt I knew her. She was young and beautiful, and unlike most people I had seen in photographs she did not look straight at you, but gazed away to one side, her chin tilted slightly upwards, as if she did not realize anyone was looking at her. ” -p. 4-5.


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