Words on Wednesday

Ok, here’s the writing update for this week. It is sad.
Last year’s writing goal was to get something published. The good news is that I got 3 different pieces published.
This year I would like to publish something that I get paid for.
So that’s the goal for 2010.
The good news is that I have many projects that are very close to being finished so I hope if I can squash the fear down deep enough I should have a lot of stories out and about next year.
So I started a new story last week about a little mouse. I thought it was going to be a short, little piece, but the sucker keeps growing on me and now I think it might be a book.
I entered the Boneshaker contest and wrote a 350 word flash fiction.
I started planning out my next gothic tale, The Good Daughter. I think it is going well so far.
No progress on any of my fan fic, Thorsten Kaye is leaving on All My Children and Alicia Minshew may not come back so every time I sit down to write about them I get really sad. I have a lot of sad things going on in Real Life right now and I just don’t need to be there with my fiction too.

Hopefully my engine will be more revved up in the New Year. Until then I will keep plugging along.


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