Monday, Monday, Monday

Mondays mean that we all have to get up way too early. Finding out you don’t have jelly at 6 a.m. means school lunches or peanut butter only sandwiches. Slime mother strikes again.
It also means the return of a quiet house with only the sound of the fish tank to disturb my concentration. I love having everyone home, but it makes writing almost impossible. The two a.m. thing doesn’t even work because someone always seems to get up and want a heart to heart.

So today begins the year for this working writer who bought herself A Working Writer’s Daily Planner for 2010 from Small Beer Press. It stares at me every day from my desktop, nagging me to stop reading People Magazine and get to work.
It is also a lovely way to keep track of writer’s birthdays and other important things. I think everyone who loves books, not just those who try to write them should pick up a copy.

So Happy Birthday Doris Kearns Goodwin. She writes really engaging not at all stuffy histories of people such as FDR and Eleanor, The Kennedys and her most recent I think, A Team of Rivals about Lincoln’s cabinet which got a lot of airtime during the last Presidential campaign. She is a contributor over at MSNBC as well because she is considered to be quite the Presidential Historian. She seems a lovely lady and always a fascinating read.

Well, I’m off now to see how much I can get done on this first work day of the new year.
See you tomorrow.


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