Saturday Morning Cartoons

I remember being six years old and waking up as soon as the sun peeked through the curtain of my room. I would crawl very silently down the hallway, past sleeping parents and baby sister. The living room was my goal. There was the TV and the cartoons I waited all week to see. Cereal was on the table and a glass of milk was in the fridge. There was only one rule-Do not wake the parents or the baby. I would get my cereal(sometimes it was Freakies or Count Chocula, for a while it was granola because my mother thought it would make my sister less hyper). I would turn the volume down low before I turned the TV on and I would sit as close as possible so that I could hear it. I also did that so I could see, but no one had figured it out at the time. It would be another year before I got glasses, but that’s a different story.

I would watch H.R. Punffinstuff, Sigmund and the Seamonsters, Land of the Lost(not the Will Ferrell version), Scooby Doo and Superfriends. By Scooby Doo everyone would be up and by noon the TV was off and we were tossed out into the backyard where dinosaurs, without fail, would chase me up a tree.

There are no more cartoons on Saturday. Instead we have the Cartoon Channel(save me from Total Drama Whatever) and my kids drag out of bed at noon if I bang pots and pans. I think they are missing something.

But I still get up super early on Saturdays and there are still cartoons.
Hulu” has H. R. Puffinstuff, and has a feature article every Saturday called Saturday Morning Cartoons which features some of the best animation on the web(though I must warn you, they are not all kid friendly, so watch them before you show them to the kids or squeamish adults for that matter).

So grab your Special K, your Weetabix or the Frosted Flakes and watch some cartoons. It’s the only way to start a Saturday.


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