12 Foods That Walter Bishop Likes-Yes It’s Fringe Thursday Again

Tonight there is a new episode of Fringe-yahoo!

So this one is for all you new Fringe fans all about our favorite mad scientist, Dr. Walter Bishop played by the fantastic John Noble.
(John Noble also played the deranged Stewart of Gondor in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy, you can find him in The Two Towers and the Return of the King)

I think I can safely say the following things about Walter without giving too much away for those of you who are still trying to catch up.
1. Walter has issues. He was locked up in St. Anne’s a psychiatric hospital for 17 years until Olivia blackmailed Peter into getting him out.
2. Walter is obsessed with food from the very first episode and it wasn’t until this season’s episode, “Gray Matters”. that we were given a reason as to why.
I encourage you to watch the episode on Hulu if you want the answer.

So I have compiled a small list of Walter’s favorites. These are not all of them by any means. Maybe someday I will make a chart.
1. Root Beer, more specifically a Root Beer Float. He has memorized the chemical formula for it. He also didn’t have one for 17 years.
2. Blue Cotton Candy-not pink, it has to be Blue
3. Devil Dogs-from last week’s episode. Walter had placed them in a box along with files he had hidden in the Law Library. Astrid offered to get him a new box.
4. Gum-Walter is very concerned with having fresh breath
5. Cheesesteak-Peter likes these too.
6. Fruit Cocktail-apparently the stuff in Atlantic City is particularly memorable
7. Coffee cake-should go well with
8. Coffee yogurt.-Two things I don’t like, so definitely not searching for this one at the store
9. Milk-but not the kind you get from the store. Fresh milk supplied by the best lab cow ever-Gene
10. Blueberry pancakes-another food Walter is very specific about. The pancakes have to be blueberry
11. Ginger Ale- It is the first thing he asks for and the first time we meet Astrid

The one food that Walter doesn’t seem to like is Butterscotch Pudding, or at least the kind they serve at St. Anne’s. I used to like pudding until my husband told me he didn’t eat pudding because it was the only food that seemed pre-digested. I don’t eat pudding any more.

12. Walter loves to make Flan. I don’t know if Walter actually likes to eat it, but he was most insistent that Peter needed to have one for his birthday. Peter said
he didn’t like Flan, but Walter was sure that he would like the one that Walter would make for him. I wonder if Peter has the same issues as my husband
does with pudding. I know it’s a custard, but the only difference between pudding and custard is eggs.

Ah the mysteries of Fringe. Next Week: The Many Names of Astrid


2 comments on “12 Foods That Walter Bishop Likes-Yes It’s Fringe Thursday Again

  1. John R. says:

    I found your page googling Walter’s food fixations — we actually get together once a week and eat whatever food Walter was fixated on during the previous show.

    It’s been slow going lately though (even more so now that there are no shows, hah.)

    http://www.fringeparty.com. πŸ™‚

  2. Justin says:

    Thanks for this post! Planning to munch on some “Waltreats” with a friend during the series finale tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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