Man vs Food in Miami and how the Horseshoe turned out

Today if things go as well as I hope my faithful readers will enjoy two posts today, this one and then one later on the season opener of Lost. My brain still hurts.

This post is dedicated to my son Josh, if not for him none of us would have ever watched Man vs. Food. We all watch a lot of TV. Josh sticks mainly to the channels geared towards his age group, though he did get hooked on all the time travel stuff in Lost last season. So usually he’s watching Disney or Nick or Cartoon Network. He could talk for days about Total Drama Whatever. Well one Saturday, nothing was on and so we were flipping channels and we came across a show on the Travel Channel, called Man vs. Food. We watched one episode and we were hooked.

The basic premise of the show is that this guy named Adam travels around the country and takes on local food challenges. He spends a week in the area sampling the city’s best food and then winds up the show with the challenge. Everyone is hooked. I like travel shows because traveling is very hard for me and I don’t think I can see everything I want to, it’s just not possible. My family loves food and my son loves the grossness of the food. So we watch two episodes every Friday night starting at 8 pm est. before Star Wars Clone Wars. We have never wanted to try to make anything we have seen on the show until last weekend. Though I must say the next time we go to Tennessee or Texas we have some places to try out.

Last week we saw something called a Horseshoe. Josh said, I could eat that. I said I could make that. So we did. Everybody really liked it. Of course, the veggie only ate the veggie part and then complained her stomach hurt to which my husband replied, “No one said this was a balanced meal, don’t you know that? You ate toast and french fries with cheese sauce. You need to get a brochure.”

I agree it wasn’t balanced, but it could be better with a salad(which the veggie won’t eat). My son loved it all. The texas toast, the hamburger, the fries and the cheese sauce. I was very pleased after many years of trying to make a cheese sauce to find one that actually worked. At it was a perfect way to kick off Super Bowl week at my house.

Now for the big news. Tonight is a special live episode of Man vs. Food tonight at 9 pm est. It is near us physically as is the Super Bowl, but we won’t be going to either. But we will be glued to the TV. Go Adam! Go Saints!

If you want to check out the recipe for the horseshoe you can find it at horseshoe.
You can find the Man vs Food show on Netflix or watch it live tonight on the Travel Channel
Adam’s website is here.

Back later with my thoughts on Lost.

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