The Beginning of the End

Last night began the final season of Lost. I am one of the diehard lost fans that have seen every single episode. I must admit that I thought last season was the best year they had yet produced, but they may top themselves in the final act. There is a lot of speculation out on the Internet that the ending will be a let down and my husband says he doesn’t think they really have a plan for how it is all going to end.

I have to disagree. In the year that we had to wait for this final season I spent a lot of time reading Doc Jensen’s columns over at and watching episodes, not all of them mind you, but quite a lot and after last season, especially the final episode of season 5, I went back looking to see if the clues had been there all along and it is my conclusion that they were.

The most obvious is the black and white motif. Over and over again. Enough of the past, this is not the season of flashbacks and flashforwards but rather the sideways season. I have to say flashing sideways made my brain hurt for a while. Juliet said that what they tried to do with Jughead worked, but it seems obvious after last night’s episode LA X, not in the way they thought. We now have two timelines going. The first one is The Island, 2007; the second is the Safe Flight of Oceanic 815.

Things I liked: I like the new improved Jack in both timelines. He is less cocky and sure of himself. Island Jack admitted that he was wrong(it doesn’t matter if that is true or not it is a huge leap forward for the character)

A happy Hurley on the Safe Flight.

Sawyer and Juliet got a proper goodbye.

Sawyer blames Jack. If being on the island is about being redeemed, if Sawyer can’t forgive Jack has he blown his shot at redemption

Locke is not Locke, Is he the MIB or just the smoke monster. Terry O’Quinn scared me last night and I liked it.

The best thing about last night though is realization that fixing the flight may not be the best thing for everyone. I think the fans and characters alike got really caught up in Jack’s desire to put things right and bought into the idea that if the plane never crashed it would be the best thing for everyone. I think last night proved that idea wasn’t completely right.

1. Rose not being on the island means she has terminal cancer and has only a short time left to live
2. Charlie doesn’t get the chance to beat his addiction or experience his redeeming moment
3. Kate’s a fugitive
4. Sun and Jin don’t work things out
5. Locke is stuck in the wheelchair

Things that made my head hurt:
1. Why was Desmond on the plane and where did he go?
2. Jack seemed out of it for a lot of the episode. Is he aware of the fracture of time lines?
3. What does the loss of Christian Shepard’s body mean?
4. If Jacob is dead, is he coming back in someone else or does someone else take up his role and if so, how?
5. Will we ever learn who Richard is and why are so many people afraid of MIB or Smokey?

That’s what I love best about this show, always so many things to think about. And Fringe tomorrow. Squee!


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