The Many Names of Astrid Farnsworth-Fringe Thursday

If I didn’t have such a crush on Peter Bishop, I might have a girl crush on Astrid Farnsworth. She is Agent Olivia Dunham’s assistant and an FBI agent in her own right. She has a gift for languages and cyphers, not to mention computers. Sometimes, they even let her drive, but her main duty since Olivia liberated Walter Bishop from St. Anne’s is babysitting Walter. A thankless job to say the least. To add insult to injury, the man cannot even get her name right. Here’s a small list:

1. Asterick
2. Astro
3. Asteroid
4. Astringent
5, Aspirin

Astrid has a backbone though. She refuses to brush Gene’s teeth. She refuses to allow Walter to do any more experiments with fruit. Rest in peace, Mr. P. She isn’t afraid to give Walter or Peter a piece of her mind. She is the person who finds pianos and cheesesteaks. She helped the Bishops find a house so that Peter would only have to sleep on a couch if he wanted to. She comforts Walter almost as well as Peter can and she is beginning to wonder what Walter’s secret is about Peter.

I hope they let her come along for the ride in” Jacksonville” tonight. The team is never complete without her. And damn it, they should let her drive.


3 comments on “The Many Names of Astrid Farnsworth-Fringe Thursday

  1. Lilia says:

    And let’s not forget Ostrich 😀

    I have a crush on both Peter and Olivia. Erm

  2. Robin Hawke says:

    I love how quiet, but determined, her character is.

  3. This post made me burst into laughter remembering these names that Walter has for Astrid! I really enjoy the posts you have about “Fringe”. Consider me a fan of your blog. 😉

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