5 Films You May Not Have Thought of for Valentine’s Day

No big plans for Valentine’s Day this year, money is tight and no hope for a break from the kids or work. That’s how it goes sometimes. So we’ll probably just stay in all weekend and watch movies from our collection. It is no easy task to pick movies that fit the bill for both of us. He wants things that blow up and normally I don’t mind that but I want a little bit of romance though, it is Valentine’s Day.

You know the perfect movie already, I’m sure, but if I have to watch a James Bond, even Daniel Craig, I will scream. So here are 5 movies you probably haven’t thought of that should please both of you. All the films mentioned are available on Netflix or for purchase online. Some of these have been out for a while so I’m not sure how easy it would be to find them at a brick and mortar store.

Don’t automatically pass this one by because you see Will Farell. This movie is unlike anything else he has ever done. The romance between his Harold the IRS agent and Maggie Gyllenhal’s “Screw You Taxman”, baker makes you hope that Harold escapes his fate. It’s a movie that proves love and life are about your heart, not your head.

After being fired by her father, Robert(Ewan McGregor) kidnaps heiress Celine(Cameron Diaz). They can’t stand each other for obvious reasons, but if they don’t fall into forever love two angels will never be allowed back into heaven. As wacky as any comedy that Cary Grant ever did. It also proved that McGregor could sing and dance long before Moulin Rouge.

On a journey to retrieve a piece of fallen star for a girl who is way out of his league, a young man learns much about himself, learns what true love is and meets his destiny. Great to watch with older kids. Lots of action, pirates and witches. Loads of fun.

Everyone saw this one with their kids, but the story of the life time that Carl and his wife Ellie spent together is one of the most beautiful that has ever been on screen.

As normal and heartwarming as Ellie and Carl are, that’s how abnormal and insane Edwina and H.I. McDonnough are. H.I. would do anything for his police officer wife, including leave his life of crime behind, but when they discover they can’t have a baby of their own, Edwina decides to kidnap one of the Arizona quintuplets, H.I. is right there by her side. Their desire for a family brings them together, tears them apart and then puts them back together again. Some couples are just meant to be.

I hope you can find something fun to watch in this list of suggestions. Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s weekend.

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