Barnaby Rudge-Week One

Today begins the year long read of Dickens’ Barnaby Rudge. All the details are over at Dickensblog. The basic idea is to read the novel the way that readers who were fortunate enough to be alive when Dickens was writing, what we now consider classics, in serial form. There is a whole PDF schedule available at Dickensblog to help keep track and I’m not posting it here but I will be doing weekly updates on the readings with things I’m wondering about and questions I have.

This week the required reading is just Chapter 1. As long as you read that by next Saturday you will be on track. I’ve never read this one before and have tried to keep myself ignorant to try and preserve the “as if you were there feeling” to the whole thing.

So off to meet a whole new bunch of characters. I wonder if we will meet Barnaby yet. When Dickens wrote Little Dorrit, she didn’t show up until Chapter 7.


One comment on “Barnaby Rudge-Week One

  1. Gina says:

    So glad to have you participating! 🙂

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