Teaser Tuesday-Two Posts, Two Posts in One

Tuesday’s here at the Paperwaster’s blog have a double purpose these days. First is Teaser Tuesday and Secondly, at least for the next 14 weeks, it’s also about Lost.

Today those two things merge into one post. Lost has always been about books. Sawyer and Desmond are both bookworms and the books they read, “Alice in Wonderland”, “The Third Policeman”, “Watership Down” just to name a few, all have something to do with what’s going on, on that blasted island. You can get most of those bookshere.

In this last season, Doc Jensen of EWrecommends Haroun and the Sea of Stories. It is written by Salman Rushdie, who is most famous for the death threats he received for writing The Satanic Verses. If you wish to learn more about this author and the things he has written since then you can visit Mr. Rushdie’s website.

The question that Haroun and the Sea of Stories seeks to answer perhaps for both the season and entire season of Lost is the main question of the book. It is also a question that every fiction writer asks himself at one time or another. Haroun is very frustrated by the fact that his mother has abandoned he and his father, Rashid, the most famous storyteller in all the land, for a more practical man. In a moment of anger, Haroun yells at his father.

“When he heard his father sounding so pathetic, Haroun lost his temper and shouted: “What’s the point of it? What’s the use of stories that aren’t even true?” p. 22-Haroun and the Sea of Storiesby Salman Rushdie.

Go and read this book and discover what answer Haroun finds for himself on his journey to correct his mistake. We have Salman Rushdie’s answer, it will be interesting to see what Carlton and Cuse’s answer is.


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