Fringe Thursday-The Whole World Is A Lab-Part 1

Hello all you Fringe Fans. Only 42 Days to go until a new episode of Fringe. Hopefully this post will keep you going. It turned into a much bigger project than I intended, so between that and the fact that WordPress was down for a while, this post is much later than usual.

When Broyles talks about The Pattern for the first time with Olivia he says, “It’s as if someone is using the whole world as a lab.” That got me to thinking, was there really enough evidence to say something like that. It also made me think of some of the friction between Walter and Peter. Peter spent his early life thinking that Walter was working for a toothpaste company or so he claimed when he and Olivia first met. He seemed very disturbed when Olivia told him that Walter in fact worked for the US MIlitary. Which lead Peter to wonder if his father wasn’t like Dr. Frankenstein. One of the things that upsets Peter most about Walter is his casual attitude towards using people as test subjects. Someone it seems has continued Walter’s research though at this point we don’t know which has been doing it, William Bell, ZFT or Massive Dynamic, perhaps all three.

So I have broken down the 35 episodes that we have seen so far to find out if Broyles assertion is correct. Today’s post deals with the first 10 episodes.

Pilot: Leprotic contagion, Mental transference Agent John Scott, Agent Olivia Dunham
Passengers of Flight 627

The Same Old Story: Celermitosis, Images from the optic nerve Christopher, Loraine, 2 Unnamed women (Peter manages to save the second woman)

The Ghost Network Magnetic neurostimulation to create telepathic abilities Roy

The Arrival Project Thor Jacobson (murdered for information), Astrid (drugged by Walter), Peter tortured for information

Power Hungry Electromagnetic fields, Enhanced tracking capabilities in pigeons Joseph Megar, unknown number of test subjects
The Cure The only episode in which Walter doesn’t seem to be directly involved with the science used
In Which We Meet Mr. Jones Reanimation of a corpse to retrieve information Injects Peter with drugs to inhibit higher brain function; Peter Bishop, also experimented on as a child to perfect the process.

The Equation Flashing red and green lights to induce a trance like state, intended for use in advertising 3 unnamed scientists, Dashiell Kim, Ben

The Dreamscape Psychophysiological effects, Counteract the effects of mental transference from John Scott to Olivia Dunham Mark Young, George Morales, Agent Olivia Dunham
Safe Time travel device turned into a machine used to walk through walls Raul Lugo

*I have done my best to be as accurate as possible. If you feel I have missed anything or could somehow improve this chart, leave a comment. When the posts on this subject are complete, they will be available as a pdf file for anyone who wants one.


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