Teaser Tuesday-No.1 Lady

It has been quite the time at our house since the last Teaser Tuesday. My daughter got accepted to the college she wanted so then the figuring out how to pay for it begins. We wiped out the savings having to get the car fixed, it had to be done, it was dangerous to drive. My son has been to two different doctors this past week and will be going back soon. We haven’t had dinner before 9-10 o’clock this week. So needless to say I am stressed out.

So I ran to the library and picked up some TLC.

It isn’t often that a television or for that matter a fact a movie that captures the feeling a book gives you. It has happened though with the HBO/BBC series, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency: the complete first season. The series is based on the books by Alexander McCall Smith.

There are now 11 books in the series. The DVD and the books are available

The whole series centers around Precious Ramotswe, as she opens the first Ladies Detective Agency. Mr. Smith paints a very different picture of Botswana and Africa than we might see on the evening news. The books are not so much about the mysteries to be solved then Precious and her family of friends. The New York Times Book Review called Precious “The Miss Marple of Botswana”. I understand how it would be easy to compare the two, but I think that Precious is a much more lovable character, than Miss Jane Marple.

Now, I don’t want anything to think that I don’t love Miss Marple and am not a Christie fan, but I find the series written by Mr. McCall to be warmer and funnier than Christie’s Marple books. My favorite characters in all the books are Mme Ramotswe’s secretary/Asst. Detective, Miss Grace Makotsi and the little boy Wellington.

I must say even as I watch the HBO series, these two are still my favorites. Anika Nona Rose is perfect as Grace as is JIll Scott, who is also an excellent jazz singer, as Precious.

I am currently reading the third of the novels, Morality for Beautiful Girls.
“Of course, a woman with a successful business had to be careful of a man who came courting her was not merely looking for a way of spending the rest of his days in comfort. There had been plenty of cases of that happening and Mma Ramotswe had noticed that the consequences of such unions were almost inevitably dire.”-p.4.

So if you’ve had a bad day or just want to feel better about the human race, pick up one of the Lady’s Detective Agency books and you will feel better.

Now back to Botswana.


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