What I’ve Been Doing, Instead of What I Want to Do

This is one of those weeks that I would like to put in a request for a do over. First of all, I would like to apologize to everyone who came here yesterday looking for a Fringe Thursday post. Yesterday, we overslept the alarm at Apartment Le Strange. So had to take one kid to school and sign him in. Then the dishwasher decided to stop working and the sinks backed up. Then the Dean from school called. It was no big deal, but it always freaks me out. Then because my 18 year old has been on her usual, I don’t do anything around the house unless someone stands guard, I did two days worth of dishes by hand, plus everything that was in the dishwasher. So no post.

Then this morning, eldest child(see above) doesn’t print out assignments due today until 7 am, even though she and the heir had the computer all evening. So then, of course printer jammed. So she’s late to school. It’s 40 degrees outside, I have no real jacket because it is South Florida and we have three cold days a year until this year. So off in my not fully charged chair off we go to school. When I returned I couldn’t feel my fingers. Brr.

So made some hot chocolate, washed some dishes. So now I am going to try and finish up The Husband and the Parrot so then I can work on something new.

Fingers crossed.


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