My Thoughts on New Things in the Final Season of Lost

I’m sure that those that read this blog thought I had forgotten about the show. No, though I must say that writing about Lost is intimidating when you have insightful blogs like Doc Artz and EW’s Doc Jensen doing all kinds of in-depth analysis which frankly I just don’t have time for. Nevertheless, last week’s episode, LIghthouse I couldn’t let go without some comments.

Ok, I’m not afraid of islands, or airplanes crashing and I always found the Smoke Monster intriguing, so Lost has never truly scared me until this season. What’s scaring me? Take a look.

Oh and let’s not forget,

Both of those looks gave me nightmares like I haven’t had since I saw Heath Ledger in The Dark NIght. Shudder.
Was it just me or did Jack’s childhood home look like Laura Palmer’s house in Twin Peaks?

The question that has haunted me since last week’s episode is this, What exactly does Crazy Claire see when she looks at Faux Locke?
It’s not Locke, does she see MIB as he was before he took Locke’s form, Christian Shepard, or something else?

And what was that thing in the cradle? Jin needs to start dragging himself towards the temple as fast as he can.

Oh and I don’t care who Sideways Jack’s son’s mother is. And if it is Juliet, it doesn’t matter because she’s going to have coffee with Sideways Sawyer.

Who is coming to the island is another big question that everyone is asking this week. The obvious answers are Widmore or Desmond, but what if it’s the Sideways halves of the people on Oceanic Flight 815? Just a thought.

The names on the dial with the numbers has replaced Hurley’s Unlucky numbers as the new math mystery of Lost. I stink at math, but I love these type of puzzles. It was when I ran across the first math puzzle in Shutter Island that I decided it was going to be a good book.

Also there is a lot of talk about maybe Faux Locke being the good guy and Jacob being the bad guy. I don’t agree. Here are the reasons why.

1. If you look in the Christian Bible and in most other books of religion from around the world, Satan or whatever name he’s given, is always a straight talking guy. Evil always uses truth as a trap instead of a tool for illumination. Faux Locke reminds me of the snake in the garden of Eden and as the snake who tempts Jesus in his 40 days in the desert. Both these Snakes just like Faux Locke told the truth. It is however a limited truth and not something they want anyone to think too deeply about. Faux Locke like the snakes wants an instant reply. He wants action, not thought. In contrast, Jacob allows Jack time to think after he has smashed the mirrors in the lighthouse.

2. God never explains himself. Every God tells his followers what to do without explanation. in the Christian religion, God didn’t even explain things fully to his own Son. What a God wants most besides worship is for his followers to follow him through their faith, not because they have been given a surety of an outcome.

Finally I have to say that even though it was a Jack centered episode, it was Hurley’s hour. Finally, his visions of dead people seem to serve a purpose. He had the best lines, but then he always does, and with Jack being a Jerk again, I just concentrated on Lost’s prophet, Hugo Reyes.

Yes, I think Hurley is the visionary of Lost. I have always thought that if we had prophets wandering around today like they did in The Old Testament we would lock them away in mental institutions. What is your first reaction when someone says that God has spoken to them or told them to do something?
Everytime Hurley sees a ghost, whether it is Charlie, Jacob or his friend from the hospital, these visions spur him into some kind of action.

Well, only a couple more hours until a new episode in this final season. I can’t wait.


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