A Fringe Alphabet

A is for Astrid and August
B is for Bishop and Bell
C is for Coretexiphan and Contagion and Charlie
D is for Devil Dogs and Dosed
E is for Ella and Elephants
F is for Flights 627 and 815, and Fibonacci
G is for Gene the Cow of course
H is for hypothesis and Harvard
I is for I.Q, and Iraq and Interrogations
J is for JJ and Joshua, Jacksonville and July
K is for Kelvin Genetics
L is for LSD or Little Hill
M is for Milkshakes you drink at Massive Dynamics
N is for Nina and Thomas James Newton
O is for the Observer seen by Olivia
P is for Peter and portals
Q is for queries, questions and quaaludes
R is for Root Beer and Rachel and Reiden Lake
S is for St Clare’s, Seahorses and Scientists
T is for Tank and Torv
U is for University
V is for vertebre, vials and videotapes
W is for Walter, what else could it be
X is for XT43
Y is for Yogurt, coffee flavored of course
Z is for ZFT

These letters are for Fringe
You should know them by now
Follow the pattern
Now you know how!


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