A Yummy Suggestion for Sunday Dinner

One of the things I really enjoy doing is cooking really good tasting food for people. I love cooking Thanksgiving Dinner, even though I find it exhausting because it is the one meal my family gushes over.

I’ve never really found cooking all that difficult, you just sort of follow the directions. The first time I cooked dinner for my family I think I was maybe 16 and everyone was amazed I didn’t burn anything. The only real trick I have is not to leave the kitchen with food on the stove. Really, that’s it.

Anyway, I have a delicious dish that I discovered on a wonderful blog that I think that anyone who enjoys food, either eating or making it and who doesn’t like at least one of those things? If this is you check out Becky’s blog Food for Poems..

Not only do you get wonderful recipes you also get poetry. Bonus!

The recipe I tried and the family raved about was Potatoes Dauphinoise. It’s cheap, it’s easy and it’s oh, so good.
Two tips: make sure you have a food processor, it slices the potatoes in minutes. Secondly I cheated and didn’t make the creme fraiche, I used half and half.

Get the recipe from Becky’s blog and you’ll have a wonderful addition to your Sunday dinner.


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