Fringe Thursday-The Other Side

All Fringe fans (who don’t mind spoilers) must check out the new teaser clips from the fox website. They will blow your mind. If you had theories about “Peter”, you may have to change them. I know I will.

Also a bonus for Fringe fans. Tonight at 9 pm eastern is a repeat of the Observer episode, “August.”

Only 14 days until new Fringe-Squee!

The show has promised us that by the end of this season that we will travel to The Other Side.

These are some of the things we think we know about it:

1. They still have the Twin Towers
2. William Bell is there.
3. You can communicate with people there with old school technology(Nina with a very old computer talks to William Bell and Soldier Charlie communicates using an old electric typewriter and a mirror)
4. People from the other side have an aura that some people who have been chemically altered can see.
5. Things are slightly different there.(Peter remembers his G.I. Joe having a scar on the other cheek)
6. Peter is from the Other Side
7. Charlie is still alive there and has a funky scar
8. They suffer from something called “The Blight”
9. Walter created several devices to travel there but hid/dismantled them so that others wouldn’t be able to use them.
10. Soldiers from the other side have silver mercury for blood.

Some things about the Other Side to wonder about:

1. What if any are the physical effects of crossing over?
2. Is William Bell trapped there or has he chosen a side?
3. What caused the blight?
4. How did Thomas James Newton and the others find out about our side and how are they crossing over?
5. If everything must be balanced, you take something from one and it must be replaced, what or who replaced Peter?
6. What causes the aura effect?
7. Who are the “bad” guys? Us or them? Is there a wrong side?
8. How was Olivia able to cross over? How important is Walter’s equipment?
9. Why did Thomas James Newton need the information from Walter’s brain?

I can’t wait to discover the answers to these questions, but since this is a JJ Abrams show, I have no doubt that there will be many, many more.


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