Barnaby Rudge-Chapters 8 & 9

At first I thought that Tappertit(what a name) was just the poor victim of an unfortunate case of unrequited love for Miss Dolly Varden. Now it has been revealed that instead of being just a pathetic joke, Mr. Tappertit may indeed be a dangerous man. He has made an illegal key to his Master’s shop and formed an organization called the Prentice Knights whose dream seems to be to overthrow the men who are teaching them a trade. Tappertit has made himself a Captain, but even here among his handpicked people their respect is an illusion.

I worry for the safety of the Vardens and Dolly’s love Joe.

If this were not enough assassination of Tappertit’s character, the way he uses Miss Miggs infatuation for him, when he knows what it is like to go unnoticed by the one you love makes him even more disgusting. It is also impressive how Dickens can call Miss Miggs an ogre and then in the next few pages make us feel so much sympathy for her.

The story just keeps growing, in depth and mystery. There are no little characters in Dickens. It is one of the reasons why he lasts.

I wonder what happens next.


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