Teaser Tuesday-Nellie Bly

It is a rare thing these days for me to go into a library or a bookstore and not know exactly what I’m there for. Almost every serious bilbliophile i know has a booklist or if there like me, names of novels they want to read on all sorts of little scraps of paper. That’s why the current novel I’m reading is such a pleasant surprise. There was a little watched Canadian series in 2000 known as The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. It would have a much better chance of success today I think with the Steampunk revival that is going on.

So I went up to the library to pick up something I had reserved and decided to skim the new book shelves. That was when I came across The Alchemy of Murder.

Nellie Bly one of the first female reporters in the 1800’s. She worked for Pulitzer. Add to that a mix of Paris during the 1889 World’s Fair, a plague, Louis Pasteur, Jules Verne and Oscar Wilde, not to mention murder and you have an incredibly fun read. And the author, Carol McCleary, is working on a second Nellie Bly adventure.

Go out and get it NOW.

“She knows who you are. She’s determined to catch you. We must stop her before she ruins everything.”
“No. Leave Nellie Bly alone.”-p. 90-The Alchemy of Murder by Carol McCleary.

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