Fringe Thursday- 7 Days to Go!

I can’t believe that in 7 days we get a new episode of our favorite Thursday show!

So how do we pass the time until then?
FOX has a few suggestions.

Of the extra videos they have on their site, I suggest : 10 Things You Need to Know About Fringe
and Following the Pattern: Peter

They also suggest the following episodes:

There Is Always More Than One of Anything
A New Day in a New Town
Grey Matters

And if that is not enough, you might want to check out the following Fringe episodes on YouTube:

Ror-Shak-A Forest

Life on the Moon


A Tribute to Peter and Olivia’s Raging Alcoholism

Those Who Are Dead

I hope you enjoy my suggestions and I want to thank everyone who reads, I can’t believe this is my 100th post.

Please return next week for my huge post about the what I think before we get to watch the return of new episodes with Peter.


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