Fringe Thursday-To Tell or Not to Tell

(with great apology to William Shakespeare and Hamlet)


To tell or not to tell, that is the question
Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of Walter’s great confession
Or to take arms against the First Wave
And by opposing end them
To lie, to love
No more and by the truth have Peter choose his fate.
And the thousand natural shocks the truth will be heir to.
Tis a consumation that ne’r be wished
To lie, to love, perchance to dream
ay there’s the rub
For in that sleep, what truth in dreams may come

When we have shuffled off the great deception
Must give us pause, for it makes a calamity of two Bishop lives
For who will bear the whips and scorns of alternates
The father’s wrong that some might see as right, the proud man’s hubris
The pangs of guilt and our delay
The insolence of science and the spurning by an angered son
When he himself his inquires make
Who will bear his horror
To moan and plead against another life denied
But we may dread his other choice
The undiscovered life to which he might return
No Peter, No Walter
This is that which makes us bear what ills we have
Than fly to others who know not of
Thus conscience and friendship doth make cowards of us all
And thus this lack of resolution
is sickled o’er with pale cast of thought
And enterprises of great pith and moment
With these regards their currents turn awry
And lose the name of action-
Soft you now, the fair Peter, with a Mudslide awaits
Be all my sins remembered


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