It Was 20 or 21 years ago, today. Well Actually, yesterday

Two of the biggest things in my life happened 20/21 years ago yesterday.

1st and always 1st. I got married to one of the best men on the planet 21 years ago yesterday. That’s all I can say though because he doesn’t want to appear in blogland, so, so be it.

Twin Peaks first aired on ABC. Of course, the two things don’t really compare as life events, but Twin Peaks taught me a lot about writing and threw in some life lessons that didn’t go away. Nothing quite like it has ever been on TV again. Lost and many other shows that came along later learned a lot from it, but the argument for what it did for television and the country is made much better here.

Yes, we had viewing parties and talked about it all the time. We ate cherry pie and donuts. I found out I was pregnant with my daughter while watching (literally watching) Twin Peaks and people were afraid it would warp her in the womb. It’s true she’s slightly warped, but then so are her parents. She is a pretty cool kid most of the time unless you ask her to wash the dishes or do other chores. So, no great harm there.

Twin Peaks taught me a few things:

Every day give yourself a present.

It’s ok to write weird stuff, as long as you are true to it and to yourself, someone will get it

At a certain point, at a certain age when your kids go out your door they are living a life that you only see glimpses of and that’s if you’re watching them close. All you can do is pray that they are making the right choices, be there for them and hope they don’t wind up wrapped in plastic

Bury references everywhere in your writing and it will give it depth.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, or you feel like watching it all over again, you can pick up the DVD or watch it here.

Now I’m going to eat some donuts and watch the Packard sawmill burn and think about wehre we were then and where we are now. How much has changed and how much has not.

Give yourself a present today. A cup of coffee, a slice of cherry pie, an episode of Twin Peaks. As Agent Cooper might say, “It’s a damn fine show.”

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