Not Going to Think About…

Today I am going out on a date to celebrate my anniversary

I am going to have fun.
I’m going to the movies and laugh at Tina Fey and Steve Carrell
I am going to spend time with just the husband
We might eat some yummy food
Going to have movie popcorn with butter
Might go to a bookstore or pick up some office supplies. (yes, we think that’s fun)
We might do other things that you can only do when we are alone

I am not going to think about…..
What my kids are doing(the youngest is with Grandma)
The fact that we haven’t done our taxes yet
How much it costs
That the popcorn is bad for me
That the house is a mess
How I should be working
How I should be writing, though I did write a story today
Yea for me!


I am going to


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