Fringe Thursday-Who Do You Trust?

This post assumes that you have seen the last two episodes of Fringe. If you have not seen Peter or Olivia in the Lab with a Revolver, do not read further.
And shame on you. Go to Hulu or I tunes, or and catch up. Then you can come back and read.

It seems to me at least that one of the biggest themes on Fringe is who do you trust.

It is a major plot point in the story from the very beginning. Olivia trusted John Scott and felt horribly betrayed.
Peter is never sure if he can trust Walter
Astrid trusted Walter and he drugged her
Walter trusts the Observers, but doesn’t really know why

The issue of trust is everywhere and is becoming even more important after the latest episodes.

I think this will be Peter’s biggest dilemma when he discovers that he comes from the Alternate Universe. I’m sure that will be mind blowing enough, but the real problem that Peter will face is who does he go to when Walter(wasn’t that a shocker last week). Let’s look at who Peter has to turn to and why or why not it’s going to work.

1. Walter. I don’t think that Peter will be able to talk to Walter at all, he will be too traumatized by the fact that Walter kidnapped him and then tried to suppress Peter’s memories of it, though that may have occurred naturally from falling through the ice. I do recall earlier in this season though Peter talking to Olivia about having nightmares and Walter teaching him a technique to help him go to sleep. Also, Walter’s memories are so full of holes that he is, I believe, in a constant state of flux as to what happened when and to which Peter.

2. Olivia. I don’t think Peter is going to be too inclined to talk to her either, she may be the first person he goes to when he finds out, if Walter doesn’t let it slip that she already knows. Once he finds out she’s known for who knows how long by the time the revelation comes, I think that breaks the bond that has formed between them.

3. Astrid. She may come through this unscathed, but I have the feeling that she’s going to be like a child of divorce and trying to make peace and bring everyone back together.

4. Nina Sharp. Peter may go to her for answers, but I don’t think he trusts her or anything she has to tell him. We, in the audience know now that she lies when it suits her and if Peter finds out that she knew what Walter did and she had to since she was at the lake and at the funeral. This puts her firmly on the Do Not Trust List, in big red letters.

5. Philip Broyles- I don’t think Peter will go to him because he is Homeland Security and might be forced to place Peter into custody. I think Agent Broyles presents a problem for Olivia as well, but that’s her problem, not Peter’s.

So where does Peter turn?

He could turn to the guy that I call the bowling man, but I’m not sure how they would find each other

He might try to find one of the Observers, but I don’t think they would provide him with much information

Peter’s anger and distrust might lead him to ZFT or Thomas Newton, but Peter has never been much of a joiner as far as I can tell.

I think Peter’s most likely course of action would be to try and travel to the Other Side and seek out his mother if she is still alive there and the Walter that is his biological father.

What he will do if he finds them, what he’s going to do at all is anybody’s guess and that’s why I’m so glad we are getting Season 3.

Who do you think Peter should trust and why?


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