Teaser Tuesday-Finding Oz

I’m sorry I’ve been away over the past week. A nasty stomach virus took out the entire family in waves. Hopefully it is all past us now, though I still feel like I ran a marathon today and it’s only 9 in the morning. It gave me some time to think about what I want to do with this blog, but more on that later. Now it’s time for Teaser Tuesday.

Thanks to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, this has been the Year of Alice. Soon I think that we are going to be flooded with Oz. There are several projects in the works in Hollywood, with rumors floating around that Robert Downey Jr. might be interested in playing the Wizard. So I found myself wondering about one of the most important books/movies of my childhood.

judy garland and Mrs.Maud Baum with the book

This led me to Evan I. Schwartz’s wonderful book, Finding Oz

Some things I have discovered while reading the book.

L. Frank Baum was the JK Rowling of his time. He did not stop at 7 Oz books, he wrote 14, plus a book of short stories about Oz

The movie of The Wizard of Oz is ranked in the top Ten of all Time
Over the Rainbow is the Top Movie Song of All Time
The Wicked Witch is the most frightening female of all time. She comes in fourth on a list of the most frightening. She is only topped by Hannibal Lecter, Norman Bates, and Darth Vader.

Many people feel that everything a writer writes is in some way autobiographical. This is certainly the approach that Swartz takes in this book. In the book you can discover the origins of The Yellow Brick Road, The Good and Wicked Witches, why Baum chose Kansas and much more. it is a fascinating read for anyone who loves Oz.

For more about the book, visit Mr. Schwartz’s website

Coming Friday: So You Think You Know the Wizard of Oz?


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