So You Think You Know the Wizard

I have written about Oz here before. I don’t think I can state often enough what a creative impact The Wizard of Oz has had on my creative life. Just like Alice kept popping up Last Year, now Oz seems to be the next big thing, though honestly it has never truly gone away since it was first published in 1900.

When I was younger, before cable, and VCR’s and DVD’s(oh yes, I am that old), you saw something at the theatre once or twice if you were lucky and if it was something special like The Wizard of Oz, it came on TV once a year. I so envied my mother when she said she actually saw it in the theatre. So I read a lot of what they call Movie Tie-In Novels or if the movie was based on the book, I would try and find that.

I loved the Wizard of Oz, I loved Judy Garland, how she could sing and dance and the fact that she had dark hair. It seemed to me that all the heroines and Princesses were all blond. I loved Dorothy and still do because she was just a little girl, she didn’t have any magic and no one was coming to rescue her, she had to do it herself. But the Wicked Witch of the West terrified me. For many years I was unable to finish the movie because I was just too afraid. Everyone who has seen the movie remembers when Dorothy is a prisoner in the Witch’s castle and sees Aunt Em in the crystal ball, then she turns into the Witch and cackles. It took me out every year and it wasn’t until my mother forced me to sit through the entire movie when I was eight that I knew the witch melted and Dorothy got to go home.

I was thinking about that when reading Evan Schwartz’s Finding Oz. How much easier would have watching that movie have been if I had only read the book first. So here is my idea.

Over the next 12 weeks let’s read the Wizard of Oz together. If you have a daughter, a granddaughter, a god daughter to share it with that’s great. Or you can read it alone which is what I’ll be doing this time through since my daughter is too busy getting ready to graduate and go to college.

Why read the book.

What color is Dorothy’s hair as L. Frank Baum imagined her?
What color are the shoes?
Does Dorothy at the end of the book think Oz was just a dream?

Did you know that Dorothy spent more time in Muchkinland?
Do you really know the stories of the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion?
Don’t you want to meet the Queen of the Field Mice and travel through the Dainty China Country?

There is so much to share and discover. I can’t wait to share this journey through Oz with all of you

So Next Week: The Cyclone and The Council of the Munchkins
Also we’ll talk about Kansas both in the movie and in the book.

See you next Friday

ps. If you don’t already own the book, it is available at your local bookstore or online. Free versions are also available on Google and just Google Wizard of Oz and you should be able to find it somewhere. If not, leave me a message and I’ll find you a link.


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