Fringe Thursday-Tonight’s Menu

I can’t believe that this is the final episode of Season 2!
A summer without Olivia, Peter and Walter. Oh an Astrid and Ella-less summer.
How will we survive without Megan and Jennifer’s excellent podcasty goodness?
Whatever shall we do?

But first tonight’s menu: (there is still time to run to the store)

You could have started the morning with some Strawberry Flavored Death(aka Poptarts). My son said, “No they freak Walter out. Thank you Walter for breaking his PT addiction)

Lunch: Cheesesteaks with Extra Provolone.

Dinner: At my house we are having:
Super scrambled eggs with cheese, onion and tomato
Blueberry pancakes
Root beer

For desert we probably should have pecan pie, but instead we are having a diet cocoa cola cake, I think Walter would appreciate the chemistry of it.

I did not invent this cake. I discovered it on John Scalzi’s website whatever.

So here it is. Totally vegan and impresses every kid I show it to.

Diet Coke Cake

1 pkg. of cake mix, I prefer chocolate in all its variations
1 can of diet coke, coke zero has been the best so far

Put cake mix in a bowl
Add one can of diet coke
After preparing the pan, pour batter into pan. Cook according to package directions.
Remove from oven. Cool, Frost and eat.

The first evening there is a distinctive Coke flavor, but that disappears after the first day.

It’s yummy and vegan if you’re into that sort of thing.

Can’t wait for 9 pm est.

Never fear faithful Fringers, Fringe Thursday’s will continue.

What can you expect to see here this summer.
Here’s a few of the things I’m planning.

Hopefully a Fringe music video made by yours truly if I can work it out
A peak into Carla Warren’s scrapbook
Favorite Fringe lines of All Time

If you have something that you would like to see here on Fringe Thursdays, just leave a comment below.
All suggestions welcomed and appreciated.


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