I Bet You Didn’t Know the Year Actually Starts in July

I’ve never been really good at New Year’s resolutions. I don’t think I’ve ever kept one, at least not that I can remember. So two years ago I did something different. I decided that it works better for me if the year begins on my birthday. July is a slower time of year and taking stock on my birthday just makes more sense to me on a lot of levels.

In taking stock of last year I accomplished quite a bit on my goals. I have been published(and yes I think it counts if they are internet based) even if the mainstream doesn’t see it that way. 4 pieces isn’t bad for the first year I think.

A lot of you know that this blog was started so that I could participate in the SC4 challenge. Write a serial flash fiction novel in 12 parts. I was chosen as one of the five winners and was published. Declaration Editing has since closed its doors. However, I really enjoyed writing The Last Governess, so I have decided that I’m going to do it again. I also felt that there was more story to tell for some of the characters from The Last Governess. So starting August 1, 2010 I will be producing my second serial flash fiction novel. The schedule will be the same as last time, Chapters will appear on Monday, Wednesday and Friday by 10 am.
Keep checking back here for the soon be announced title and teaser blurb. If you wish to read The Last Governess you can find it in the July archive here or I can send you the pdf if you contact me.

In addition Teaser Tuesdays and Fringe Thursdays will continue. I started this blog to help me concentrate on my fiction and I feel that’s what I need to get back to.

So that’s the future here as far as I can see it.

This year’s goal is to make some actual coin from my fiction. I’m not sure if that will be through traditional markets or trying to sell e-books, getting an agent or who knows what, but that’s what I’m going to shoot for now. Notice I said coin. I’m not expecting to be JK Rowling or Nora Roberts. Maybe that’s down the road but for now, I’d settle for 99 cents.

So thanks for sticking with me through this first year while I tried to figure out what this whole blogging thing was. Hey, I figured out how to make links. I’m so proud. I hope it will be so much better this year.

See you tomorrow for Teaser Tuesday in which we will discover if I made it to another goal I had last year.
See you then.


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