Some Thoughts on Once Upon a Time-The Thing You Love Most

BIG NEWS: The show has been picked up for a full season and I believe though I cannot confirm, I read somewhere that it has been picked up for two more. But people have to keep watching, not that I think I could stop.

The writers are keeping up the pace and their transitions are beautiful. It feels like one of the fastest hours of television. There is so much story that nothing and no one seems minor.

I thought that the beginnings of the conflict between Emma and Regina was well done. Not too over the top, at least not yet. I love that Emma isn’t the sort to just lie down and take it. It seems that Regina has had no or little resistance. It will be interesting to see if she tries to handle it more a little more finesse than she did in this episode or if she continues to go after Emma with no hesitation.

Things I liked most: Emma attacking the apple tree, Snow White noticed the clock had moved, Regina’s expression when Dr. Hopper pointed out the clock to her. Nice call back to Disney with the heart in the box, The Mirror becomes the editor of the town paper, The Mirror. Operation Cobra. This episode was full of examples of how good Regina is at manipulation. You can never really tell who’s an ally or an enemy.

It was a nice reminder in Henry’s reaction to what he believed was Emma’s betrayal that he is still just a little boy.

The developing relationship between Emma and Mary Margaret. You can tell that Emma doesn’t want to believe that she is Snow White’s daughter or that Mary Margaret might be her mother. A nice connection for the three with the cinnamon on the hot chocolate.

Not so much: Maleficent unicorn

Questions Answered, Questions Raised:
The Evil Queen got her curse from Rumplestilskin
Regina and Mr. Gold definitely remember The Enchanted Forest
Mr Gold is the only person in Storybrooke who doesn’t answer to Regina
New Questions:
Why was Rumplestilskin in jail?
What does he gain by giving Henry to Regina? If the curse is broken doesn’t his life go back to what it was before?
If Regina knows she is incapable of love, why did she want a baby? Did she name him Henry to punish herself? Does she feel bad about anything she does?
What the hell did Snow White do?

Hopefully we will find out in “Snow Falls”

Things I’d like to see: Rumplestilskin’s backstory.
The Sheriff’s story- I think he is the Huntsman.

Until next week to tide you over I recommend Neil Gaiman’s Snow Glass Apples


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