I apologize to all those that have been coming here looking for an update on my Nanowrimo status. Things were going so well, but I should have known that the old pattern would have reared its ugly head.

So I got stuck, then last Friday, I learned of a possible publishing opportunity, but it would have to be due on December 1st. So after much debate and deliberation with a couple of people I switched projects. Which means I was starting from zero, so the first week totals didn’t count.

The important thing is to not to give up. If Nanowrimo has done me any good, it is that. You don’t stop until Nov. 30th.

So here are the new stats:
Project: The Eligible Miss Fallowfields
A Steampunk Romance

Words written: 8,256
Today I should be at: 16,666
Words left: 41,744

I will not quit, I will not give up.

So now I will answer the questions that Huffington Post asked some other Nanowrimo writers.

One Sentence I Wrote Today:“Leave the gun here Reg. We don’t want to scare anyone, at least not yet.”- Claire to her 6 year-old brother Reg.

Tell us about a character in your book that you’re fond of: I love them all, I think you have to on some level or you can’t write them, even the nasty ones.

Where and when are you doing your writing: Mostly on the computer, but I carry a little notebook in case I’m out and carry around a clipboard around the house when I can’t get to the computer or just need a break from the screen.

What do your family and friends think of your writing: Did you make your word count? Oh man, it’s November again.

Have you had to sacrifice anything in the past week in order to devote yourself to writing: The DVR is the best tool for not letting yourself get distracted during November. If only it could cook a Turkey. Sleep has been sacrificed. Espresso Hot Chocolate is a lifesaver.


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