So, on day two I went a little over the suggested 1,667 words, but I’m still slightly behind. That’s ok, I can get back on track if I go slightly beyond that goal today.

It shouldn’t be too hard to do since it seems that I’m going to have a nice block of uninterrupted time with everyone at school or work. I’m hoping to get slightly ahead because the weekends tend to be my least productive time, but that’s another post entirely.

I think I know why writers drink. This first week I’m fighting major anxiety attacks whenever I try to write. Knots in the stomach. I’m trying not to stress eat all the leftover Halloween candy in one go. So I write in short bursts, try to hit a number or set a time limit. Then I back away from the computer and pace a little or read for 10 minutes or do something else and then come back to it. I’ve learned I have to do this or I just delete everything and don’t get anywhere. I don’t know exactly where it comes from. I don’t think it’s because I’m trying to write for one specific person on this one. I always try to do that, I work better that way. However, I know this too shall pass once I reach the end of week one.

And so I keep writing one word at a time. Also, I feel lucky that I feel no temptation to turn on the TV today until I have finished my daily word count. I am sick of anything Kardashian, I’ve never understood the appeal of reality TV, and am equally turned off by Herman Cain’s mess. At least the Rick Perry video is amusing.

Lots of things to reward myself with as well once I have hit the mark. DVR episodes of Psych(Love that Guster) and American Horror Story. That is one I have to watch in the daytime. It still baffles me that the team that created Glee came up with something this complex. Go figure. Also found Out of Oz at the library(they hate it when I squeal like that) and Terry Pratchett’s latest Discworld-Snuff. They both have to be back by the 16th. Oh hooray, another deadline.

Too Good to Be True:
Stats: 1,882 words
Goal: 1,719 words today

Well time to stop avoiding and take the plunge.


Nanowrimo-Day 9

Starting off the day with 4,404 words done. If I accomplish 10, 540 words today I will be back on track.
Looking at the big goal for the week, I am going to concentrate on reaching 24, 990 words by next Sunday.

That being said, I am feeling very optimistic this morning. It felt like the story was starting to move and the writing is starting to flow. It is starting to be fun. I am so glad I didn’t freak when I decided to change ideas and stuck with it. I hope that everyone who started is still going.

I will hopefully be back with a word count update later this afternoon. Off to write the breakfast scene.

Nanowrimo-Day Three-We Have a Title!

Day 3 of Nanowrimo. I am still far behind the suggested word count of the day. By the end of the day I should have written 4,998 words. How many have been written, you ask? 1, 412. Still, I think that is not bad considering I spent most of day 1 on a project that I ended up scrapping, but still kept everything because it still might work someday,

So I am not discouraged. I persevere. I found a great quote for all of us slogging through these first days of the 50,000 word quest and it is from a man who I have no doubt could kick some serious Nanowrimo butt if he was so inclined. Thanks to Gail Carringer from whose site I stole it.

“Sometimes you have to go on when you don’t feel like it, and sometimes you are doing good work when it feels like all you’re managing to shovel shit from a sitting position”-Stephen King.

Congrads to Gail Carringer for Soulless being named one of the Best Books of the year by PW. I must say I agree.
And Congrads to Cherie Priest for the same honor for Boneshaker. Can’t wait to read that one.
If you haven’t read the work of these fine authors, get thee to a bookstore. It will not be a wasted trip.
Back to slogging away, I’ve got some shoveling to do.

Oh yes, and that title in case you were wondering-“Speaking to the Dead”- A Matilda and Lord Whitcomb Paranormal Steampunk Mystery.

7 Hours to Go

Only 7 hours to go until Nanowrimo begins.
I think I am ready.

I have an idea.
I have character sketches
I have a synopsis
I have a new journal
I have a daily word count sheet so I know if I’m on track
I have 11 Pentel RSVP med. ballpoint black pens

I still have to do some last minute research on settings and local history
I need to create a soundtrack for my book
Need photos for my casts of characters
May do scene sketches if I have enough time.

I will be making daily updates to my blog so that those who are curious what the whole experience is like will be able to get a feel for it.