The Gods Have Won! Another year

Today is January 6th
So what?

For those who follow the Christian calendar, it’s Epiphany-the day the Wise Men showed up to give their gifts to the baby Jesus.
It’s the day that Germans exchange gifts.
It’s also the day in Norse mythology when you find out if the gods won the battle between themselves and darkness. How do you know if they won? If the sun rose today where you live, the gods won and the world gets another year.

I wonder what we will do with it.

If you’d like to know more about this Norse mythology stuff I recommend:
American Gods and Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman
The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul by Douglas Adams

If you don’t feel like reading you can always check out the Thor movie that came out last summer. It’s on DVD and On Demand.

Enjoy your new start!



I apologize to all those that have been coming here looking for an update on my Nanowrimo status. Things were going so well, but I should have known that the old pattern would have reared its ugly head.

So I got stuck, then last Friday, I learned of a possible publishing opportunity, but it would have to be due on December 1st. So after much debate and deliberation with a couple of people I switched projects. Which means I was starting from zero, so the first week totals didn’t count.

The important thing is to not to give up. If Nanowrimo has done me any good, it is that. You don’t stop until Nov. 30th.

So here are the new stats:
Project: The Eligible Miss Fallowfields
A Steampunk Romance

Words written: 8,256
Today I should be at: 16,666
Words left: 41,744

I will not quit, I will not give up.

So now I will answer the questions that Huffington Post asked some other Nanowrimo writers.

One Sentence I Wrote Today:“Leave the gun here Reg. We don’t want to scare anyone, at least not yet.”- Claire to her 6 year-old brother Reg.

Tell us about a character in your book that you’re fond of: I love them all, I think you have to on some level or you can’t write them, even the nasty ones.

Where and when are you doing your writing: Mostly on the computer, but I carry a little notebook in case I’m out and carry around a clipboard around the house when I can’t get to the computer or just need a break from the screen.

What do your family and friends think of your writing: Did you make your word count? Oh man, it’s November again.

Have you had to sacrifice anything in the past week in order to devote yourself to writing: The DVR is the best tool for not letting yourself get distracted during November. If only it could cook a Turkey. Sleep has been sacrificed. Espresso Hot Chocolate is a lifesaver.


I promised myself that I would blog about my Nanowrimo experience last year and the monster got away from me.

This year I’m going to do it. This year has already been different than my past experiences with Nanowrimo. This year I feel prepared. Last year I floundered the first week and kept trying different ideas waiting for something to catch, produce enough words that I felt I could continue with it and have the possibility.

This year, I know I can do it. That was something I was never sure of before. I cheated with fanfiction, went through an actual hurricane, not a metaphorical one. I have been sitting on this novel idea since September, I have outlined and written scene breakdowns. I’ve never been more prepared.

Still things get in the way. I usually write in a morning block and an afternoon block. In the morning I produced over a 1,000 words and felt sure that I would meet the goal. Then the power went out for roughly 45 minutes, the kids came home and left 4 dead invaded the computer until it was too late to find the thread again.

Still it’s ok. I can make it up. I know I can.

Too Good to Be True
Goal: 1,666 words a day
Stats: 1,092 words
Days to Go: 28

The Anthorpe Bride-One

The Anthrope Bride


It did not take me long to discover what had sent Gideon to his bed. I had been filled with an unexplainable dread for weeks, jumping at shadows, seeing things out of the corner of my eye. Even the dreams, which had finally ceased to plague me, were back with a vengeance. Now I understood why.
In bold type the headline of the society page read, ANTHORPE HEIR TO WED. The Colonies might have declared their independence, but they still seemed fascinated by all the Lords and Ladies they had rejected. It was a lucky thing for me that they were. I had made my living these past fifteen years as I had hoped from my typewriter, tapping out tales that would have made Catherine Morland shiver with delight.

My work, though it would scarcely grant me the immortality of Shakespeare, had given me the independence that I had always craved. One of the consequences of that I suppose is that Gideon and I had never wed, but we were bound together as tightly as any couple who had ever taken vows.
I picked up Gideon’s carefully folded copy of the paper and looked at it again. This time the smaller title underneath the headline caught my eye, WILL HE ESCAPE THE CURSE? It was disconcerting to see the very question that had haunted us both there in print. I scanned the article for more information, but it was sadly lacking in anything but sensationalist speculation. Still, I gathered a few bits and pieces. The unfortunate creature’s name was Sophia Granville. The only address given was a hotel on the edge of what was considered the respectable part of Kensington, though I am sure the paper’s American readership would have no knowledge of that fact.

After tending to Gideon I scoured the streets in search of other newspapers. While the other papers did mention Jasper’s upcoming nuptials, none of them provided what I was really seeking-a picture of the bride.

I had always avoided telling the tale that inspired all the others, but I knew it was the only way that I could do what I had to do. Hoping it was not to late in the day, I went to the offices of the editor who was kind enough to publish some of my early work.
Fortunately, Mr. Dunkirk was able to see me.
“Do you think your readers would be interested in a first person insider account of the Anthorpe wedding?”
“You can do that?”
“I used to work for the family.”
Dunkirk’s eyebrows shot up and he reached for his ledger.
I hoped Gideon would forgive me, but someone had to warn the bride and I was the only one who could.

Serial Flash Fiction 2 begins August 2

As I said earlier this month, I am going to try and bring this blog back to what it was originally intended to be.

So beginning August 2nd. The sequel to The Last Governess begins.

It is called The Anthorpe Bride.

It will be 12 chapters published Monday, Wednesday, Friday until it is finished. Following the rules used for Governess each chapter will be 500 words or less.

If you wish to read or hopefully re-read The Last Governess, you can find it in the July archive for 2009. Or you can drop me a line with contact information and I’ll send you the pdf file.

See you back here on Monday. Happy reading