7 Hours to Go

Only 7 hours to go until Nanowrimo begins.
I think I am ready.

I have an idea.
I have character sketches
I have a synopsis
I have a new journal
I have a daily word count sheet so I know if I’m on track
I have 11 Pentel RSVP med. ballpoint black pens

I still have to do some last minute research on settings and local history
I need to create a soundtrack for my book
Need photos for my casts of characters
May do scene sketches if I have enough time.

I will be making daily updates to my blog so that those who are curious what the whole experience is like will be able to get a feel for it.

Wedding Day


She was laying there so serene on the statin pillow in the wedding dress that she wouldn’t let him see. No vows were exchange, but he slipped the ring on her finger anyway. When he woke the next day it was raining. That was supposed to be good luck, he couldn’t remember who had told him that. He picked up the suitcases after he made sure that the tickets were in his pocket. It was 4:45. He saw the train coming when he stepped onto the tracks.

There you go. Hope you enjoy it.

And So It Begins

Today in this part of the world, school began. The youngest began middle school and the oldest began her last year of high school. They cannot be used as excuses anymore.

Today begins the part in my life when I am a professional writer. I am taking a page from Yoda and saying there is no TRY only DO.

This weekend my husband in a tremendous show of faith bought me a mac mini, so that I might have a reliable machine on which to write. We have bought numerous PC’s and a laptop and they last two years and crash. The laptop was starting to give off warning signals, so here I am in Apple land.

Today’s goals:
Finish entry for NPR three minute fiction
Begin Sleeping Beauty research for Enchanted Conversations submission

I am so scared at this moment, I can barely breathe.