Backward and Forward

Personally, I think my year was like everyone else’s. A lot of stress and worry, mostly over things I couldn’t control. I haven’t felt so stressed out since my parents divorced in my freshman year of high school. Bad dreams, insomnia, jumping every time the phone rang.

Still I can say from a writing standpoint it was the best year ever. I published for the first time. Earning a spot in an e-zine with a serial flash fiction novella I wrote three days a week, mostly at 2 a.m. because it was the only time the house was quiet enough for me to think.
I submitted 5 pieces this past year and 3 were accepted. Pretty good I think.

In 2009 I started this blog, a facebook page, a S6 page and a twitter account.

In 2009 I left PC’s behind and got a mac mini. Not a crash or virus yet.

My personal Santa aka the man I married, was very good to me this year. Not only did I receive the mac when I needed it I also got an agenda stand from levenger’slittle writing desk
which I am using as a small writing desk. It fits perfectly on my lap. Now I can write away from the computer and all the distractions of the internet.

It was a great year for books. I discovered Gail Carringer and her first novel, Souless. I can’t wait to read her second in 2010
Boneshaker by Cherie Priest and the The Children’s Book by A.S. Byatt were wonderful Christmas presents.

In addition to discovering Ms. Carringer and Priest, I also discovered their entertaining blogs along with Gypsy Thorton and her Once Upon a Blog and Ellie with her blog One Crafty Mother.

Also while other family members were losing their pets. R.I.P. Daisy and Pudgy we added to ours. Edgar Allan Poe came home on Mother’s Day and he is now a much loved member of the family.

This year my favorite soap couple walked away from their show, so I have gained an hour of writing time. Bobby Bowden coached his last game as FSU’s head coach. My daugher gets ready to graduate from high school and my son begins the long trek through middle school.

So what do I want to accomplish this year:

A cleaner house, whatever that means
More blog entries and more consistently
Finish my Steampunk romance and submit by deadline in April
Finish Bound
Revise finished works and throw them to the wind
Write, Write Write

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and Don’t forget to eat your Blackeyed Peas!
Every pea brings you one day of good luck in the New Year, wouldn’t it be nice if you could trade that for published work?

a bowl full of luck