I promised myself that I would blog about my Nanowrimo experience last year and the monster got away from me.

This year I’m going to do it. This year has already been different than my past experiences with Nanowrimo. This year I feel prepared. Last year I floundered the first week and kept trying different ideas waiting for something to catch, produce enough words that I felt I could continue with it and have the possibility.

This year, I know I can do it. That was something I was never sure of before. I cheated with fanfiction, went through an actual hurricane, not a metaphorical one. I have been sitting on this novel idea since September, I have outlined and written scene breakdowns. I’ve never been more prepared.

Still things get in the way. I usually write in a morning block and an afternoon block. In the morning I produced over a 1,000 words and felt sure that I would meet the goal. Then the power went out for roughly 45 minutes, the kids came home and left 4 dead invaded the computer until it was too late to find the thread again.

Still it’s ok. I can make it up. I know I can.

Too Good to Be True
Goal: 1,666 words a day
Stats: 1,092 words
Days to Go: 28